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Status: archived
Aspects: digital, space
Team: Lila Steinkampf
Semester: B_2017-18


The project LEJ GUIDE/Leipzig/Halle Airport is about the visualization of operations that take place at the Leipzig/Halle Airport (Saxony/Germany) parallel to civil transport.
Operations like deportation, military use and expulsion of local residents are made visible through an Augmented Reality App (→geolocated marker, text, audio) used while taking part in an official guided tour organized by the airport.
Additionally there is an embedded google earth map available through the app which provides information in detail about legal actions against the airport by local initiatives, documents of the European Commission and further texts concerning these processes.
This principle of infiltrating an official guided tour could be transferred to other tours in any place.



bildschirmfoto-2018-01-28-um-23.17.45.png bildschirmfoto-2018-01-28-um-23.18.01.png bildschirmfoto-2018-01-28-um-23.18.27.png concept_lej_guide_lilasteinkampf3.jpg

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