Lila Steinkampf




The LEJ GUIDE visualises the operations that take place at the Leipzig/Halle Airport and run invisibly and parallelly to civil transport. Aiming at creating a new visual layer of representation of a hidden infrastructural aspect of the space. Operations such as deportation, military use as well as displacements in local settlements due to air-traffic-related building activity are made visible within an augmented reality app that can be used while taking part in the official guided tour organised by the airport authorities. Additionally, there is an embedded Google Earth map available through the app, which provides detailed information about legal actions against the airport by local initiatives. Also, additional documents by the European Commission and further texts and background information about these processes are made available through the website.

Video tour and website


The Leipzig/Halle LEJ airport (Saxony/Germany) is a relatively small airport for civil air traffic with 2.365.141 passengers in 2017. Little known to the public is it a rather active military and logistical hub among the German airports. It serves as one of the main deportation airports in Germany with governmental numbers reporting 2157 deportations in 2016. Since 2006 US military organised its troop exchange to Iraq and Afghanistan transferring ca. 1600 soldiers per month via LEJ. The soldiers were documented as civilian transit passengers. In 2013 a Hangar was built for SALIS – Strategic Airlift International Solutions’ maintenance work on Antonov-An-124 NATO military transportation planes delivering military equipment to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kongo. None of this is present to travellers and civilians. Also, official touristic bus tours through the airport do not mention those functions.



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