Truth v10.64920

● Virtual Memory


Status: archived
Aspects: speculative, digital, space, human rights
Team: Anna Meïra Greunig
PARTNERS Beyond Istanbul Hafıza Merkezi – Truth Justice Memory Center
Semester: A_2017


In collaboration with the Hafıza Merkezi - Truth Justice Memory Center, two works have been created that address the repressed Kurdish culture of memory. The website contains a three-dimensional reconstructed model of the destroyed Roboski monument. It is a re-visualization of the original, which cannot be demolished in this state and can be experienced regardless of location. By manipulating Google Photosphere images, it is possible to upload individual places of memory into the virtual space of Google Maps. The first work shows 10 placeholders for such possible monuments. They are located in neighborhoods of Diyarbakır province where more than 30 civilians died during the curfews.


csm_burg_gdp2017_ideist_agreunig_lsteinkampf_virtualmemory_03_brunsfaeth_lq_3b1d5e7a51.jpg screenshot-2021-05-18-at-17.04.52.png screenshot-2021-05-18-at-17.05.26.png screenshot-2021-05-18-at-17.05.50.png virtualmemorydoku.pdf-burg-box.pdf

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