feminism, health


Louise Holtz, Luisa Kaiser, Moritz Neuland, Paula Schumacher


ROSA, Welcome Café




Hoodies, T-Shirts, Bags, Risograph Postcards and Cups were designed, developed and produced to support initial funding acquisition through a crowdfunding campaign. A coherent set of icons and visual elements was proposed to structure and professionalise the visual representation of ROSA on its online platform and print production. Simultaneously, the cooperation was the framework to develop a working model for communication design students in exchange with NGOs. How do we want to work with activists? What is the role of communication designers within these co-operations? Which spaces of creative freedom do we demand? How do we negotiate authorship, visibility and modes of service and support? Interviews with socially and politically active designers and activists were collected and summarised in a research paper for further engagement in similar co-operations

Formats: Icons, Templates, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Bags, Communication Concept, Research, Documentation and evaluation PDF


In 2019, 1% of the global population were displaced. Almost half of those (48%) were female (see UNHCR Global Trends 2019).

The NGO Rolling Save Space (ROSA) was founded in early 2021. It is a non-profit organisation using a converted truck to provide a safe space for women fleeing. Since March 8, 2022, the Rolling Safespace has been at its first location: the Attica peninsula in Greece. Here, three refugee accommodations north of Athens are regularly approached: Ritsona, Malakasa and Oinofyta. Approximately 3,500 people live there.

Specifically, a space for exchange and mutual support has been created in the immediate vicinity of the camps. Within the framework of discussion groups, topics can be shared for which there is often no space (e.g. questions about the body). Basic medical care and pregnancy counselling are offered by midwives and doctors in a separate treatment room in the truck. Urgently needed hygiene items are also handed out here. ROSA also organises a variety of sports and exercise programmes. At the same time, childcare is provided so that women have the opportunity to take advantage of these offers.



screenshot-2022-10-30-at-13.16.20.png z_instagram_vorschlage-01.png si-repro-rosa0404.jpg rosa-instagram-header.jpg rosa-merch-textiles.jpg rosa-flyers.jpg rosa-logo-versions.jpg rosa-bag.jpg rosa-instagram.jpg rosa-textiles_wear.jpg ubersicht_illus.pdf photo_2021-12-06_19-43-37.jpg