Truth v10.101753

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Status: archived
Team: Linda Schäffler
Semester: C_2018-19


Since our world is transforming more and more into a multimedia environment, it is important from my point of view: to explore the possibilities of this phenomenon, to get to know and master forms, elements, media and to find a reflective way of dealing with them.
A futuristic domed building in the middle of nature. In it: an exhibition about a fictional future / an extended reality / a completely fictional world. It is to become a temporary time machine that climbs out of a rock and can be unexpectedly discovered while walking. It is supposed to open up the time after our time and make it possible to experience it. In the best case, there will also be actors in the forest, people from the Next_Time, who will blur the boundaries to the
present time become blurred. An expanded reality that questions the everyday.



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