Truth v.2457

● Halle Prozess Press Archive


Status: archived
Aspects: politics
Team: Lucyle Massu
Semester: H_2020-21


This edition is a collection of press articles from the beginning of the trial in July 2020 until September. The format of the editionis based on the format of paper newspapers, 26x35cm. The edition has 970 pages.Inside the edition, the name and face of the terrorist have been removed. Right-wing terrorist attacks are not a new phenomenon,in recent years the attacks are similar in many ways. Not only in terms of ideology, but also in terms of execution. The aim is toleave behind a lasting image and slogan. These in turn serve as models for the next potential terrorists and circulate as imagesthat can be easily shared on social media. To combat this, I decided to remove the terrorist's name and face from all articles. Thecontent of the articles may exist with other names dedicated to the terrorist, such as "the terrorist, the assailant, the murderer."The content of the articles has not been changed.This edition was treated in the form of experimentation. The current work is the beginning of an edition collection. The end of thiswork will end with the month of December, the end of the trial. Like this, with different tomes, we will be able to see the evolutionand comparison of the months in the repetition or not of the identity of the terrorist.


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