Truth v.2321

● Ikonographie des Dataismus


Status: archived
Aspects: speculative, digital
Team: Erdem Şentürk
Semester: D_2018-19


This work aims to explain the relationship between technology and worldviews through the world of symbols and to reflect on the fictions and values of the future.

Referring to three different belief and value systems, the project makes a historical comparison: Teism as a worldview dominated by the gods, Humanism as the result of scientific developments, and finally a speculation on a new worldview in which the whole world is interconnected, algorithms and data are glorified: dataism.

This comparison will be worked through using the following key imagery: Clouds, Angels, and Tree. What meanings did these phenomena take on from the past to the present, how have they changed, and what will they mean to us in the future? To interpret and evaluate these changes, I create a fiction through associative logic by relating the images that shape humanity's shared memory.



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