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● Hurra Hurra


Status: archived
Team: Studiengruppe Informationsdesign
PARTNERS Öffentliche Gestaltungsberatung
Semester: D_2018-19


„Hurra Hurra die Schule brennt“
"Hooray Hooray the school is on fire".
How do we want to learn, what do we want to learn?
What can a university do, what can it not?

The focus project in the summer semester of 2019 looks at a wide variety of approaches to learning. We explore strategies from design, art, architecture, reform pedagogy, managerial seminars, etc. In September 2019, a 48-hour international symposium on current positions in design education will take place on the Design Campus. Interdisciplinary border crossers will experiment, discuss and lecture on ideas, concrete model projects and visions of design education for the 21st century.
Within the interdisciplinary semester (KD, ID, DS) we research and develop positions, visit actors, conceive and test formats, design the symposium and prepare events. Small cross-departmental teams are formed to work independently on research related to the semester's topic.
The learning objectives are intensive research, development and testing of experimental forms of knowledge generation, processing and dissemination as well as event planning and design.


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