Truth v10.101621

● Gecekondu Photoreport


Status: archived
Aspects: mapping
Team: Lina Herschel
Semester: A_2017


This publication deals with the photograph news coverage of the Gecekondu issue in Istanbul in the 20th and the beginning of the 20rst century. Base for this work is an archive provided by the NGO »Beyond Istanbul« which gathers over 500 newspaper clippings from all kinds of newspapers in Turkey dealing with the issue going back to the first mention in 1932.
The photographs are shown in chapter of decades and within these decades it is organised in five different topics: Gecekondu issue in general, urban transformation in Istanbul, legal processes concerning the legalisation of the inofficially tolerated settlements, demolition of Gecekondular which are often a result of forced disappropriation and the later formed resistance of the residents. The themes are shown one after another and within those they are in chronological order. In the decades of the 90s and the 2000s was the highest rate of articles reporting about Gecekondular with photographs.


01_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 02_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 03_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 04_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 05_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 06_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 07_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 08_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 09_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 10_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 11_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 12_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 13_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 14_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 15_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 16_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 17_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 18_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 19_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 20_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 21_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 22_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 23_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 24_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 25_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg 26_infodesign_sose17_lina_prozess_timeline.jpg

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