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● Formate des Dialogs


Status: archived
Aspects: health, equality
Team: Luise Menz Sophie Pischel Lena Würsching
PARTNERS Medi Netz Halle Freiwilligen-Agentur Halle-Saalkreis e.V. Pro Familia Leipzig Flüchtlings­frauenhaus Halle
Semester: I_2021 BA


“Formate des Dialogs” deals with the conditions for people with refugee and/or migration experience in the German health care system. In particular, the research focuses on women's health care. Aim is to address needs and obstacles and promote a dialogue between those affected, doctors, social workers, volunteers, organizations, associations and the public.

The aim of the project is to design formats that include visibility of the issue, involvement of people with refugee and/or migration experience, networking and empowerment of actors and thus facilitating access to health care and its effectiveness. Approaches include workshops, interdisciplinary panel discussions, media knowledge transfer, a high-profile poster campaign as well as demands on politicians and a pool of materials. There was a lot of time for personal conversations during the research phase of the project amongst which there was a design for a nationwide survey for gynecologists.



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