Truth v10.101756

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Status: archived
Team: Lisa Jasch
Semester: C_2018



Refering to paragraphs in the german Grundgesetzt this project aims at creating design that questions the regularities expressed in law. The attempt to facilitate the  performance of simple, harmless or pleasurable acts, but which from the perspective of the state could be perceived as "imminent danger" and thus have potential as a revolutionary act.

Moments of decision between pleasure and revolutionary crime emerge. At first glance, the exhibition structure is reminiscent of an amusement installation. At second glance, one realizes that each exhibit has its pitfalls and yet does not come across as harmless. The aim is to show that the step from a harmless to a political action does not have to be a big one. The goal is to examine one's own actions for their political implications. Furthermore criteria for the state's assessment are questioned.



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